Next Show: Sat 2/3 @ Walnut Room w Tyler Imbrey's Ghost Revue and Miguel Dakota & the Differents

Blog Entry | 11/02/17

Great news Freemanites! Our boys have scored a huge show opening up for Walker Lukens and The Gold Company!  Both of these bands are incredible. Walker is coming all the way from Austin, TX and is touring nationally right now. For discounted tickets, you can buy in advance here:

As if GNF is not enough for you! Walker will blow your mind! Enough Said! We'll see you there!! 

Blog Entry | 9/19/17

Goodnight Freeman, live in studio. Here we are at Dead Canary Studios in good ole Denver.  Keep a close eye on our Instagram feed for updates. To say we're excited about the studio release would be an understatement. The quality of DCS is like nothing we've experienced before. This sophomore release will be spectacular. 

The show last week at Larimer Lounge with The Eldridge Band and Leather Tramp was an absolute triumph. Please check out both of these incredible bands, they're top talent and GNF would be happy to join the stage with them anytime. 

Exciting times for our boys. I'll keep you posted on their updates but we need you to do your part and spread the word. 

Goodnight, Freeman. 

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