Blog Entry | 7/6/17

Love us some Colorado summer. We're playing the Denver County Fair soon, Saturday 7/22. We're playing one hour sets at 1030a, 230p and 530p. It's nice to play longer and use some material that doesn't usually make it into our shorter shows. After that, we'll start recording our first studio album (The Studio 44 Sessions was self-produced). Oh yeah, I should probably mention we released that album on all major streaming platforms! Then we're playing a new venue for us, Globe Hall, Friday 8/25. It's good to be us. Stay cool out there. ~C

Blog Entry | 5/2/17

It's been a fun Spring! Check out the Media page for new content from Larimer Lounge and Cervantes' Other Side. Thanks to the venues and music lovers for letting us rock the f@^k out. We've remastered and released Oil & Gas on Soundcould, click here to listen. The boys are working on finishing our 2nd album currently and are researching studios.  Stay tuned for more news. Peace. Love.

Blog Entry | 2/25/17

Hey Fans! We're hard at work here! We've been adding a TON of content lately and there is plenty more where that came from! So stay tuned. We've booked some spring gigs and will be announcing some summer dates soon as well. In other big news, you can expect an official music video for No Cure to be released in the near future, new songs to be played at our upcoming live show, and even... dun dun dun, a new GNF member! Details will be revealed soon but if you like what we've been doing so far, you haven't seen nothin' yet!

Thanks and love to all of you who support the dream~~GNF