Oil and Gas

I see the trouble that you can create
yeah, I gave into you once and that was my mistake
but trust me now, I've learned my part

Your friends said you weren't very nice
yeah, they talked pretty terrible of you that night
but I just had to see for myself

so you wait, stay, so you can see

I asked you questions about your life
yeah, you loved to hear yourself talk it was a delight
to see how concieted you could be
you said knew people in oil and gas
and you hoped that they invited you to some big bash
so you could see how much gold, there was to dig

so you wait, stay, so you can see

I wish you could give me my time right back
yeah, I never should have meet ya but I tip my cap
You got the best out of me
If I met the devil she might look like you
a hot blonde with a fucking attitude
I hope I never see you again

so you wait, stay, so you can see - what a bitch she could be