Behind the Song: Light Me Up

We're bringing you the digital version of reading the lyrics off the CD insert (or vinyl if that's your jam or age group). And we're doing you one better by providing a note from the writer on the song's true meaning. Some are less apparent than others. So as I sit here in Denver during this storm they are calling a "bomb cyclone" and think about spring, I bring you the fourth song off our recent album, “Yūgen.” Let us know what you think.

Behind the song: Light Me Up (4 of 10)

"Light me up is the classic spring fever song. Thinking about summer and the great fun to be had in Colorado when the winter ends, I would have trouble understanding anyone who was down in the dumps. This lady friend of mine was going through a breakup or something and moping around quite frequently. Meanwhile, I'm listening to all her melancholiness while working on this energetic song and thinking about camping season. I had this on again off again crush on her and used that as the inspiration for the song. Lighting up that campfire, lighting up her mood and lighting up my passion were the themes.  I could always picture this song playing as a group of friends headed up to the mountains. A campfire roaring, friends gathered around, music playing and drinks passing… and maybe a little tent romance in that picture as well."


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i see you crying, you don’t shed a tear
what are you hiding, ooooo my dear?
the sun is shining, so are wei’ll lift you up, come on, follow me
oooooo OoooooOOOOOOOOoooooooo (follow me)
oooooo OoooooOOOOOOOOoooooooo (follow me)
let’s get out of town, for the weekend
fill up the cooler, and call your friends
we’ll hit the mountains, i’ll be your guidethere's a place i know and when the light is low, we'll build the fire high
oooooo OoooooOOOOOOOOoooooooo (light it up)
oooooo OoooooOOOOOOOOoooooooo (light it up)
light it uplight it uplight it uplight it up
it’s that time of year, summer’s in swing
and you’re so pretty girl, could we be a thing?
i can’t help looking, see i’m looking for loveyou can be my fire, come on, light me up
light me uplight me uplight me uplight me uplight me uplight me uplight me uplight me up

Song Credits
Album: Yūgen
Released: 2018
Written by Chad Hadersbeck

Chad Hadersbeck: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Joe Schliewe: lead guitar, backing vocals
Jason Spillman: bass guitar, backing vocals
Chris Christopherson: keys/synth, backing vocals
Brian Rempel: drums

Recorded at Dead Canary Studios
Mixed by Drew Sowell
Mastered by Erik Kosnar